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For the Parents

Parents must be able to train their children to comply with the safety procedures stipulated on

Safety First

Everyone can do their part to help ensure students and staff stay healthy — and physically together in school.

As safety of the children is the main concern of the NHDA, we also advice all parents to train their children to adhere to safety measures in the school.

This will ease much stress on both sides and offer good health to our children.

Arriving at School

The school is situated along the junction of a venue called Ekutu-Ase in Dixcove. Taxis drop to pick passengers easily. For safety reasons, Street guards protect these children from getting hit by any vehicle.

NB: Please no parents should drop off his or her child, leave them and go. You must make sure the child has been able to climb the steps to the school or hand the child over to the School Guard.

NHDA will soon provide school buses for easy transportation of these kids to the school.

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The school Uniform is blue Skirt and Yellow dress.

In addition, parents are required to make sure that their children's school uniforms are neatly washed and clean as the children could face disciplinary measures if they come with dressed dirty clothes.

To promote cleanliness within the environment, we also encourage the parents to teach their children about hygiene even when the school do so. This will enable them to be physically and mentally strong.

Holidays & Absence

The family holiday is often a wonderful chance for quality bonding between parents, children and siblings. Parents must be able to take their children on holiday venues such as beaches, Tourism Parks, Childs Play Ground, Cinemas and other nice places.

Children needs to have open and fresh minds to be able to get more knowledge on what is happening outside. Knowledge is aquired outside and within in everyones life.

Schools Menu

NHDA does not provide food to children for the meantime.

The children are expected to bring their food to school and teachers will be able to keep these food in a very good place.

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