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For many who had their basic education in Ghana, the concept of ‘Our Day’ may not be farfetched as some carried their favourite foods and beverages along to commemorate the end of an academic term.

In what is about to be one of the most sought-after celebrations of this conventional milestone, where pupils sought to petition their mother about a list of items to be sent to school for the celebration.

This is a day that most of the school children in the whole Ghana villages wait for. Its a day where pupils rejoice and enjoy with their mates as the term ends.

These students dress in their native clothes style as it is portrayed in this photo. They do this to showcase the Ghanaian culture.

Photo Apr 19, 8 48 17 AM (3).jpg
Photo Apr 19, 8 48 17 AM (5).jpg
Photo Apr 19, 8 48 17 AM.jpg

Meeting with the
CEO of JOMENS Foundation

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