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What NHDA management focus on the children's studies.

Key points:

  • Children and teenagers learn by seeing, hearing, exploring, experimenting and asking questions.

  • As children become more independent learners, they need your encouragement for learning.

  • You can support children’s learning by building a relationship with the school.


Being interested, motivated and engaged in learning is important for children once they start school. It can also help if they understand why they’re learning something.

And as your child gets older, your child will enjoy taking more responsibility for their learning and getting more involved in making decisions about learning and organising activities.

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ICT Training Room

Nowadays, there is a growing trend towards integrating ICT into teaching and training. New technologies offers to teachers and students a new wide range of possibilities and tools, but not without challenges. The general aim of this training course is to foster excellence in education by empowering our students to integrate ICT tools into practice and live with it.

ICT training course tailored for NHDA students will enable the children to gain an outlook on best practices and concrete ways to use ICT to empower and support themselves. It is the aim of NHDA management to see the Junior High School Students to engage fully in ICT Training. They will be able to do their online research to be up-to-date with the latest information in this world.


Through an hands-on approach and learning-by-doing methodology, the participants will develop concrete ICT skills, discuss and exchange ICT best practices and reflect together how to use them in education and in the learning  process.

Nursery & KG

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The curriculum includes group studies and discussions that enable the children share their view and have freedom of speech and expressions. Its always fun to see them discussing and sharing their views on a specific topics.

Class 1 to 6

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Class 1 to 6 are also able to use the computer tablets for their studies. They will be able to do research using the google platforms.

As students get use to technology through the use of mobile tablets in the school, they always feel joyful and proud to come to school early.

Junior Secondary Classroom

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At this stage, the NHDA teachers and management work hard to prepare these students to achieve high level of grades in order to give them a better place in their next senior high school admission.

Student-to-student interaction is a vital part of any course experience. In a classroom setting, this interaction happens naturally, as students listen to each other’s comments, ask each other questions, and build rapport through frequent contact.


Instructors can also foster student-to-student interaction in an online setting, but it may require building formal and informal interaction opportunities in your course design. Designing for a high level of student-to-student interaction online is so important that university accrediting bodies, like the Ministry of Education on Higher Education, require evidence of it in online course and program design.

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